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ID Description Location Agency Due Date Status View
IFB007DOEC21(C) VIDE: IFB007DOEC21(C) for Roof, Wall & Ceiling Repair at the Central High School St. Croix Department of Education 12/09/2020 Closed
IFB005DOEC21 (C) VIDE: IFB005DOEC21 (C) to Repair and Replacement of A/C units at the Educational Complex St. Croix - 11/30/2020 Closed
IFB003DOAC21 (C) DOA: IFB003DOAC21 (C) for Hurricane Maria related Repairs to the Garage Building St. Croix Department of Agriculture 11/25/2020 Closed
RFP-001-C-2021 (P) DOH: RFP-001-C-2021 (P) for Architectural and Engineering Services for Charles Harwood Medical Center Complex St. Croix Department of Health 11/23/2020 Closed
RFP 063-T-2020 (P) LGO: RFP 063-T-2020 (P) for Qualified Surveyors/Professionals Engineers for the National Height Modernization System Surveys Using Global Positioning Systems Territorial - 11/23/2020 Closed
RFQ 002-2021-DR-STT/STX VIHFA: RFQ 002-2021-DR-STT/STX for Highly Skilled and Licensed General Construction Contractors St. Croix The Virgin Islands Housing Finance Authority 11/20/2020 Closed
RFP 2020-001 GHHFC: RFP 2020-001 for Hemodialysis Services St. John Department of Health 11/19/2020 Closed
RFP 001-2021-DR-STT/STX VIHFA: RFP 001-2021-DR-STT/STX for Environmental Review, Assessments, and Testing Services St. Croix Virgin Islands Housing Authority 11/12/2020 Closed
IFB001SPRT21 (C) DSPR: IFB001SPRT21 (C) for Kirwan Terrace Ballpark Hurricane Repair Project Water Island Sports, Parks & Recreation (SP&R) 11/12/2020 Closed
IFB002DOAC21 (C) DOA: IFB002DOAC21 (C) for Hurricane Maria related Repairs to the Homestead Building St. Croix Department of Agriculture 11/12/2020 Closed