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ID Description Location Agency Due Date Status View
RFP-042-T-2020 (P) DPNR: RFP-042-T-2020 (P) for Watershed Management Studies Project in the St. Thomas District St. Thomas - 07/20/2020 Closed
RFP 003-2020-STT VIPBS: RFP 003-2020-STT for Architectural & Engineering Services St. John Public Broadcasting System (WTJX) 07/17/2020 Closed
RFP-013-C-2020 (P) HRT: RFP-013-C-2020 (P) for Territorial Solicitation for Architectural and Engineering Services for Hospitals in the U.S. Virgin Islands Territorial - 07/17/2020 Closed
RFP-020-C-2020 (P) DPNR: RFP-020-C-2020 (P) for Watershed Management Studies, St. Croix, USVI St. Croix Department of Planning and Natural Resources 07/16/2020 Closed
IFB037DOET20 VIDE: IFB037DOET20 (C) for Modernization/ Renovation of the Glady’s Abraham Elementary School St. John Department of Education 07/15/2020 Closed
HMGP-4335-001 SJCF: Project #3 for HMGP-4335-001 St. John - 07/11/2020 Closed
IFB #2020-013 VIHA: IFB #2020-013 for Reconstruction OF Hurricane Damaged Roofs – Knolls at Contant St. Thomas Virgin Islands Housing Authority 07/10/2020 Closed
IFB033DOEC20 (C) VIDE: IFB033DOEC20 (C) for Roof, Wall and Restroom Repair/Construction Services at the Claude O. Markoe School St. Croix Department of Education 07/08/2020 Closed
RFP No. 2020-001-USVIEDA USVIEDA: RFP No. 2020-001-USVIEDA U.S. Virgin Islands 2040 Vision - - 07/03/2020 Closed
RFP-018-C-2020 (P) VIDE: RFP-018-C-2020 (P) for Qualified Firms to Conduct an Occupational/Indoor Environmental Assessment of the Arthur A. Richards Modular Campus St. Croix Department of Education 06/29/2020 Closed