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ID Description Location Agency Due Date Status View
BD-23-330-3301-176 Repairs to the Board of Education Admin Building and Courtyard St. Thomas Board of Education 02/21/2023 Closed
BD-23-720-7201-192 Savan Head Start Building Repair Project St. Thomas Department of Human Services 02/21/2023 Closed
IFB 001-2023-DR-STT/STX-R1 EnVIsion HRRP General Construction Services Territorial Virgin Islands Housing Finance Authority 02/21/2023 Closed
BD-23-810-8102-183 DC Canegata Small Field and Courts Repair Project St. Croix Department of Sports Parks and Recreation 02/17/2023 Closed
BD-23-150-1502-171 John A. Bell Mold Remediation Project St. Croix Bureau of Corrections 02/09/2023 Closed
BD-23-600-6001-172 Omar Brown Hurricane Repair Project St. Thomas Virgin Islands Fire Service (VIFS) 02/07/2023 Closed
RFP-002-C-2023 LBJ Sewershed Infrastructure Repair Project St. Croix Waste Management Authority 02/06/2023 Closed
BD-23-400-4002-147 Kitchen Modernization and Equipment Installation St. Croix Department of Education 01/30/2023 Closed
RFQ-008-THRT-C-023 General Repairs for the Opening of the Temporary Hardened Structure St. Croix Territorial Hospital Redevelopment Team 01/27/2023 Closed
RFP 004-2022-STT/STJ/STX Construction Law Services Territorial Virgin Islands Office of Disaster Recovery 01/26/2023 Closed