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ID Description Location Agency Due Date Status View
BD-22-001-00101-81 Territorial Document Restoration and Mold Remediation Services Territorial Government of the Virgin Islands 07/25/2022 Closed
RFP-010-THRT-C-022-(P) Regulatory Consulting Services Territorial Territorial Hospital Redevelopment Team 07/22/2022 Closed
BD-22-400-4002-55 Kitchen Equipment Installation & Safety Improvements for the Claude O. Markoe School St. Croix Department of Education 07/20/2022 Closed
BD-22-400-4002-57 Kitchen Equipment Installation and Safety Improvements for the Eulalie R. Rivera School St. Croix Department of Education 07/20/2022 Closed
RFPTB001-2022 (P) Selective Demolition of the Charlotte Kimelman Cancer Institute St. Thomas Territorial Hospital Redevelopment Team 07/18/2022 Closed
IFB 005-2022-STX Lagoon Street Complex Renovation St. Croix Virgin Islands Housing Finance Authority 07/18/2022 Closed
RFP-007-THRT-C-022-(P) A/E Services for JFLH Five (5) Acre Leased Parcel St. Croix Territorial Hospital Redevelopment Team 06/27/2022 Closed
BD-22-150-1502-46 John A. Bell Adult Correctional Facility Parking Lots and Perimeter Roads Project St. Croix Bureau of Corrections 06/24/2022 Closed
IFB #2021-1224 D. Hamilton Jackson Terrace & Alphonso “Piggy” Gerard Complex Revitalization St. Croix Virgin Islands Housing Authority 06/21/2022 Closed
BD-22-700-7002-35 Charles Harwood Memorial Complex Abatement and Demolition Project St. Croix Department of Health 06/21/2022 Closed