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Search Recovery Solicitations

IDDescriptionLocationAgencyDue DateStatusView
RFP-003-THRT-T-024 (P)Major and Minor Moveable Medical Equipment for the Charlotte Kimelman Cancer InstituteSt. ThomasTerritorial Hospital Redevelopment Team06/17/2024Open
BD-24-610-6102-352Construction of a Temporary FacilitySt. CroixDepartment of Public Works06/13/2024Open
IFB 002-2024-STX/STTEnvision HRRP General Construction ServicesSt. CroixVirgin Islands Office of Disaster Recovery06/11/2024Open
RFP-002-THRT-T-024 (P)Third-Party Testing and Inspection Services for Construction Analysis at the Charlotte Kimelman Cancer InstituteSt. ThomasTerritorial Hospital Redevelopment Team06/05/2024Open
PFA-004-2024Renovation of the Ninety-Nine StepsSt. ThomasVirgin Islands Public Finance Authority05/31/2024Open
RFP 001-2024-STX/STT/STJProject Management and Construction Management Services for Rebuild USVI Super Project Management OfficeTerritorialRebuild USVI05/23/2024Closed
BD-24-720-7201-372Temporary Repairs to the Queen Louise HomeSt. ThomasDepartment of Human Services05/22/2024Closed
BD-24-830-8302-381Installation of Generator Units at Admin & Veterinary Building in St. CroixSt. CroixDepartment of Agriculture05/21/2024Closed
BD-24-830-8302-380Installation of a 250KW Generator at the Agricultural Grounds Abattoir Building, St. Croix, USVISt. CroixDepartment of Agriculture05/21/2024Closed
BD-24-610-6102-365Construction of the Concordia Office for the Department of Public WorksSt. CroixDepartment of Public Works05/17/2024Closed