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Venue: Webinar Event Date: Sep 24, 2020 15:00 - Sep 24, 2020 15:00
Location: Virtual St. Croix St. John St. Thomas Water Island


Hurricane Maria reminded the world of the fragility of Puerto Rico’s housing and the critical infrastructure that supports housing and residents. This training series is built upon The Keep Safe Guide to Building Resilience in Island Communities developed by Enterprise Community Partners in partnership with the Puerto Rico Builders Association and the University of Puerto Rico Architecture and Planning School and 125 experts across Puerto Rico and the United States.

Join a team of leaders from across Puerto Rico to introduce attendees to the sequence of steps necessary for resilient home design, construction, and operation before during and after an extreme weather event. Available simultaneously in Spanish and English, the six-series training program will highlight best practices in the areas of site fortification, building protection, passive habitability, water, and energy management, community preparedness, and more.