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About this Position


The Chief Program Officer for CDBG-DR, under the direct supervision of the ODR Director, oversees the operations, administration, and implementation of the Community Development Block Grant – Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR) programs. The incumbent will plan, develop, execute, and manage project policy to assess problems, ensure efficient project implementation, and report on project performance based on project status. Expertise in implementing policies and critical thinking is essential.


  • Provide overall leadership to the CDBG-DR staff and subject matter experts in support of Economic Resiliency, Infrastructure, Housing/Rental Rehabilitation & Reconstruction, Public & Affordable Housing, Public Services & Public Facilities, and Construction Management.
  • Supervise the development, coordination, and operation of various CDBG-DR programs to ensure timely execution of program activities and timely expenditure of program funds.
  • Support the Director, Deputy Director of Finance and Compliance and the Deputy Director of Project Management while working collaboratively with subrecipients and program departments to implement CDBG-DR programs.
  • Serve as one of the primary liaisons between VIHFA and the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).
  • Work with the Director and Deputy Director of Project Management to develop and issue process improvement implementation plans to ensure all CDBG-DR programs are meeting program goals.
  • Manage and coordinate program support staff to ensure staff is delivering levels of services that support the achievement of action plan goals and key performance indicators and ensure that staff is appropriately trained for their roles.
  • Monitor housing operations, construction, and application processing to identify production bottlenecks and provide technical assistance to the staff to increase production levels.
  • Assist with compiling information and developing reports required for HUD and other operationally required reporting.
  • Develop and prepare action plan/s for accomplishing objectives in special audits and special studies of departmental activities, functions, and programs.
  • Work closely with programs to ensure that staff, sub-recipients, and vendors have the necessary tools to ascertain knowledge of all applicable federal and local requirements.
  • Performs other related duties and responsibilities as assigned.


A. Bachelor’ Degree in Business Administration, Finance, English, Public Administration, or other related degree program.

B. Level of experience in related field:
A minimum of 5 years of experience in a related role, the ability to plan, procure, and execute a project in any undertaking that has a defined scope (specified start and finish date); Working knowledge of the residential construction industry is helpful. Working knowledge of technical, business and management skills. Equivalent combination of education and experience

C. Certifications and Licenses:
No specialized certifications and licenses required.


  • Knowledge and understanding of laws, rules, internal controls, in government operations.
  • Work with departmental heads, managers, and other stakeholders to develop team goals and delegate tasks to the appropriate team member;
  • Give clear directions and instructions to both team members and stakeholders with regards to external factors, to enable them carryout their duties effectively;
  • Clarify duties, roles and functions of team members and their superiors;
  • Create and implement project plan and execution;
  • Develop team schedules and assist in the successful onboarding and training of team members;
  • Create and communicate a clear list of expectations and goals for team members to follow;
  • Maintain frequent communication to offer encouragement, amend tasks, and provide updates on goal progress;
  • Implement incentives to keep the team motivated and focused on their daily tasks project goals;
  • Provide frequent feedback on employee performance, address weaknesses or inefficiencies, and offer support to improve skill gaps;
  • Nurture collaboration amongst team members;
  • Create a workspace that encourages creativity and innovation
  • Quickly and effectively resolve team conflicts;
  • Write project reports as necessary;
  • Reward team members for their continued efforts and celebrate accomplishments;
  • Exhibit good leadership skills by carrying everyone along without bias;
  • Be highly focused in order to stick to the objectives and goals of the company without giving in to undue distractions and challenges;
  • Exhibit good motivational skills to bring out the best in team members;
  • Demonstrate effective crises management skills to navigate project challenges;
  • Posses a valid Virgin Islands driver’s license.


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