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About this Position


The incumbent for this position will serve as a Project Engineer. Employees in this class perform a variety of engineering duties associated with the planning, location, design or construction of roads, buildings or other civil engineering studies, conducting location or foundation investigations, and preparing plans and specifications. Typical road projects involve various types of grading, drainage, pavements and structures. Typical building projects include the building, reconstruction, rehabilitation or renovation of government or public facilities. The incumbent will utilize professional knowledge and application of engineering principles, practices, policies and standards along with construction/contract administration surveillance and inspection procedures, practices, precedents and policies in accomplishing the work.


  1. Working knowledge of the engineering principles and practices applied in the planning, location, design and construction of roads and moderately complex structures.
  2. Working knowledge of the procedures and practices applied in inspecting and testing materials used in road and other structures.
  3. Perform duties requiring the application of engineering principles and practices to all phases of the planning, location and design or the construction of roadways, buildings or other civil engineering projects.
  4. Validates and analyzes data for use in feasibility and location studies or in the development of
    design criteria.
  5. Supervises and participates in the preparation of complete roadway construction plans for local road projects.
  6. Supervises and participates in the preparation of design plans and specification for the less complex structural portions of buildings and on structural support; design piles, footings, foundations, structural frameworks and other steel and concrete members necessary to support the architectural design; performs engineering computations to determine weight loads and stresses, prepares cost estimates, bid schedules and material specifications.



• Knowledge of government policies and procedures, rules and regulations and location and federal laws and regulatory requirements affecting engineering and construction.
• Knowledge of building construction methods and practices, including minimum building and
zoning-related codes and regulations.
• Knowledge of safety requirements and safety practices in construction work.
• Ability to inspect work in progress and enforce modifications required to ensure compliance with work specifications, building codes and standard building practices.
• Ability to monitor work in progress to ensure that work is being completed according to schedule; recommends action, as necessary, to bring about adherence to schedule.
• Ability to observe work in progress to ensure that procedures are followed and materials used
conform to specifications.


  • Ability to notify Division personnel and/or contractors of discrepancies found during inspection and document via inspection repo1ts indicating evidence of noncompliance and determines stages of construction progress.
  • Ability to prepare, interpret and read civil engineering drawings and specifications.
  • Ability to prepare construction inspection reports and construction estimates.
  • Ability to prepare contract payment and change order processing documentation.
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with all persons contacted during the course of work.
  • Ability to inspect all phases of construction work for compliance and coordinate onsite meetings and final inspections.
  • Ability tactfully, courteously and impartially with the public.
  • Ability to communicate effectively and clearly.
  • Ability to mediate disputes between the contractor and the Division.
  • Ability to organize work efficiently and handle multiple tasks in a deadline-driven environment.
  • Ability to utilize Microsoft Office and AutoCad software.
  • Ability to perform other related work, as required or assigned.


Graduation from an accredited four (4) year college or university with specialization in the field of Engineering or Construction Technology, plus two (2) years of field experience in building construction.



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  • Accepted file types: pdf, doc, docx, Max. file size: 64 MB.