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Consignment of Electrical Products


Documents pertaining to the proposal will be emailed. If interested in receiving a proposal package please email Delores Donovan, Bliss Bully II and Davica Brathwaite at [email protected]. Telephone number: (340) 774-3552, extensions 2038 or 2080.

A complete copy of the proposal must be submitted electronically in PDF format on or before 10:00 a.m., AST, on Friday, October 9, 2020 to [email protected].

In compliance with the Governor of the Virgin Islands directive to limit public gatherings, the Virgin Islands Water and Power Authority will, until further notice, not be holding public bid openings. Offerors and Bidders will however be provided the opportunity, for a period of up to ten (10) days after the opening of the bids or proposals to review them. Anyone wishing to exercise this option is encouraged to email their request to Contract Administration Division for viewing after the date set for submission.

Inspections will be limited to no more than 3 persons per appointment. Your email request should be sent to [email protected] . Once received, you will be provided with a date and time to review said documents. No walk-ins will be accommodated. Your cooperation in this matter is appreciated.

The Virgin Islands Water and Power Authority reserves the right to accept or reject any or all proposals.

“For federally funded projects a DUNS number will be required for the selected offeror.”