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Anticipated $8 Billion in Hurricane Funding by Program

Anticipated (Estimates)
  • DOT
  • HUD
  • HMGP

2017 Hurricane Funds Tracker


Anticipated (Estimates)

Data updated as of December 31, 2021

Director’s Message

The website for the Office of Disaster Recovery was first launched in August 2019 just six months after the office opened in February.  The site has seen several changes since its inception. Today you are seeing what has been in development for several months, and we are excited about the new updates. Everyone on our team, serving in their capacities, has worked to see these additions to completion.

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Priority Projects

The Virgin Islands Office of Disaster Recovery’s Priority Projects Page provides the status of critical infrastructure projects across the Territory and establishes a continuous point of information to the general public.


About Us

The Office of Disaster Recovery within the Virgin Islands Public Finance Authority serves as the center of coordination for the anticipated $8 billion of federal funding

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