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IFB #2023-02 EDPC

William D. Roebuck Industrial Park Building #2 Roof Repair

Thursday, July 6, 2023 – 16:00

The Project consists of the removal and replacement of approximately 35,000 sq. ft. of existing roof panels and R-insulation on the high roof of Building #2 at the William D. Roebuck Industrial Park on the Island of St. Croix. The existing roof is to be replaced with water-tight, 22-gauge standing seam panels of a color to be determined at a later date. The project also calls for the installation of new gable flashing, closures, tape sealers and all components to ensure watertight status. Rotted and or damaged eaves struts are to be replaced where needed. The project also calls for the additional installation of Z-purlins and flange braces and angle braces, as laid out in the engineer’s report. Additionally, this project calls for repairs to the low roof of the same building which is a flat roof of approximately 5,000 sq. ft. The old roof membrane and insulation must be removed along the southern portion of the flat roof where it meets the wall at the northern edge of the high roof and new corrugated galvalume sheeting (minimum 24-gauge) be installed over the existing galvalume or replace existing galvalume. The insulation and membrane must be reinstalled and sealed to achieve a water-tight status. Additionally, the Scope comprises of any or all recommendations set forth in the Leatherback Brewing Company Roof Replacement Analysis Report prepared by Buildtech, the engineering firm of record.