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Director Adrienne L. Williams-Octalien



The website for the Office of Disaster Recovery was first launched in August 2019 just six months after the office opened in February.

The site has seen several changes since its inception. Today you are seeing what has been in development for several months, and we are excited about the new updates. Everyone on our team, serving in their capacities, has worked to see these additions to completion.

These updates will deliver a heightened awareness of all recovery actions and accomplishments by integrating increased transparency of disaster recovery efforts and funding activity. Visitors can now access detailed project information for all funding sources, including FHWA-ER, HMGP and CDBG-DR. In addition to funding details, you will also find information on projects that will have a significant impact on our infrastructure and community as a whole.

Allow me to highlight some of the main features of our site.

  • The “Programs” page explains each funding source and its parameters.
  • Priority Projects” focuses on projects critical to rebuilding the infrastructure of the Virgin Islands.
  • Our “2017 Hurricanes Page” page gives you a detailed picture of where the anticipated federal recovery dollars are going and how much has been approved, allocated, obligated, and expended.
  • Our “Doing Business with the Recovery” page lists solicitations for recovery projects.

We are pleased to unveil these updates to the public. We hope that we will be your source for factual data on the progress of our Recovery from Hurricanes Irma and Maria. The website will continue to be a centralized home for all recovery partners upholding its purpose as a reliable mode of communication and outreach for all things disaster recovery.


Join us as we work together to