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October 29, 2020


WAPA Board Approves Projects to Advance

Electrical Undergrounding, Composite Pole Installation, and Other Projects


The Virgin Islands Water and Power Authority’s efforts to build a more robust, resilient, and efficient electric system moved forward Thursday when the utility’s governing board approved various contracts, and the procurement of materials and services for projects that include the undergrounding of electrical equipment, and the installation of composite poles.

At the board’s regular monthly meeting today, members approved a $1.1 million contract with PECO International Electric for materials to support three electrical underground projects on St. Croix. These initial projects, which are federally funded by FEMA and HUD, are located at the Wilfred “Bomba” Allick Port and Transshipment Center, Golden Grove, and along Midland Road. A similar project is also approved for Cruz Bay, St. John.

The board also authorized the executive director to commence negotiations and enter into a contract with Barkley Technologies for project management and design services associated with the installation of composite poles. The installation of composite poles is one facet of mitigation projects aimed at hardening the electric grids. The poles will be installed where the undergrounding of electrical service is not feasible. The contract total is $3.1 million. To date, approximately 2,800 composite poles have been installed territory-wide.