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ID Description Location Agency Due Date Status View
PR-23-20 VIWAPA: PR-23-20 for Infrastructure Hardening Of Existing AMI Tower Sites – St. Croix St. Croix Water & Power Authority 06/22/2020 Closed
RFP 005-2020 CDBG-DR: RFP 005-2020-VIHFA-CDBG-DR-STT/STX for Warehouse Management Services St. Croix - 06/10/2020 Closed
RFP-032-T-2020 (P) DOT: RFP-032-T-2020 (P) for a Territorial USVI Disaster Marketing Plan Territorial Department of Tourism 06/10/2020 Closed
RFP-017-C-2020 (P) BIT: RFP-017-C-2020 (P) for Territory-Wide government Wide (GWAN) Territorial - 06/02/2020 Closed
PR-22-20 VIWAPA: PR-22-20 for the Procurement of Medium Voltage Cable and Accessories for Feeder 9A Underground Project - Water & Power Authority 05/13/2020 Closed
RFP 007-2020-DR-STT/STX CDBG-DR: RFP 007-2020-DR-STT/STX for Warehouse Security Services St. Croix - 05/12/2020 Closed
IFB031DOE20 (C) VIDE: IFB031DOE20 (C) to Demolish Buildings 1-13 of the Evelyn Williams School St. Croix Department of Education 05/07/2020 Closed
IFB030DOET20 (C) VIDE: IFB030DOET20 (C) for Demolition of Buildings A, B, and C of the Charlotte Amalie High School St. John Department of Education 04/30/2020 Closed
IFB027DOEC20 (C) VIDE: IFB027DOEC20 (C) for Roof, Wall and Restroom Repair/Construction Services at the Claude O. Markoe School St. Croix Department of Education 04/28/2020 Closed
IFB029DOET20 (C) VIDE: IFB029DOET20 (C) for the Renovation of the Wheatley Skills Center St. John Department of Education 04/24/2020 Closed